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In the spring of 1951 there was no beautiful “Dorothy Chandler Pavilion” to showcase the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. The Orchestra, now one of the most famous in the world, held great promise for increasing the cultural life in the City of Los Angeles. Enter a small unique group of civic minded, internationally oriented, women who appreciated music, including Beryl Danielson, Eleanor Wilson, and Violet Wightman, who had a dream of founding an organization whose focus was to support the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. In an effort to reach out to the international community represented by the presence of the Consular Corps stationed in Los Angeles, the first “International Night” was created and the International Committee was born.

About Us

Rabab Ashley

I became a member of wonderful International committee over 50 years ago, 1966. I started my career in entertainment and I a famous star child,  so famous I could not walk on the street I love acting and I am a Pianist  Music is close to my heart and I will never let it go. That is why music is part of my life, I practice my piano 4 - 5 hours a day. Once a week I follow a well known Pianist Giorgi Latso, Master classes. I love my organization, I don't mind giving it a lot of time. Music is every thing to me. Rabab 

Evelyne Ustarroz
(Membership Chair)

Evelyne Ustarroz became a member of the International Committee back in 2013. Through her dedication and service she is now the Membership Chair. Through her vast network of contacts her work has help grow the international following and diversification of classical music lovers.

Florence Mattar
(Benefit Treasurer) 
Music is the language of angels.  Building bridges by music to make our world better. Supporting the LA Phil should be everyone’s priority. Music has always been part of my life contributing to my joy and connecting with music lovers. 


Honorable Mame Toucouleur Mbaye.png

Honorable Mame Toucouleur Mbaye

 Consular Corps Coordinator Honorary Consul of Senegal




Glenda Wina Consular Corps Liaison.png
Glenda Wina
(Consular Corp Liaison)



Kay Sidhu By Law & Advisory Board.png
Kay Sidhu Dr. PHD
(By Laws & Advisory Board)


Dr Francoise Balabanian Parliamentarian.
Francoise Balabanian Dr PHD


Marya Dosti Hospitality Chair.png
Marya Dosti
(Hospitality Chair)
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Rabab Ashley, President

International Committee of the Los Angeles Philharmonic

If You Have Any Questions - Please Contact

Marya (310) 266-3793

or Evelyne (310) 925-1705

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